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Latest News: Intelli-Products launches PV RoboticsTM PV systems innovation project -- crowdfunding "angel investor return" opportunity coming soon.  Click here for more info.

Product Engineering

The Intelli-Products Inc. team has been developing products since 1983.  We have created, developed, and expanded products ranging from Renewable Energy breakthroughs and bioelectrical medical devices, to distributed multi-platform integrated systems including numerous microcontroller-based sensor and electro-mechanical devices.  Founded by graduates of MIT and Purdue, we have a 30+ year track record of successful product and system development, global product deployment, UL/CSA/ANSI/EN/ISO/FCC product certification, concept analysis, patent development, and reverse engineering.  Our current product focus is mainly on RE/PV/GHP/Thermal, with a keen eye on breakthroughs. 

Publicly Disclosed Projects

Solar Panel Breakthroughs

Intelli-Products new PV RoboticsTM and Solar Leaves TM solar PV automated installation and shade-embracing PV system architecture will revolutionize the Solar PV industry and accelerate PV growth for decades.  PV RoboticsTM is a market disruptive fully automated rapid PV installation system that assembles and installs complete PV arrays from component parts in their shipping containers or on flatbed trucks. This innovation will maximize PV installation labor productivity and vastly accelerate the large array installation rate to the scale necessary for us to save our planet from damaging Climate Change.  Included is fully automated pole placement, plus array section delivery and final installation.  PV RoboticsTM will advance PV installation to a fine art for maximum speed, minimal cost, and maximum quality.  Our Solar LeavesTM breakthrough brings the promise of up to 50% PV system output increase in densely packed arrays such as on roofs for the next generation of Net Zero Energy Buildings.  This is a combined large new product development effort to drive accelerating global PV deployment, and will make the just announced global coalition targeted goal of 1TW of PV by 2030 possible. 

These innovations are int'l pat. pend. (PCT/US17/23109), now passed PCT with all but 2 small claims accepted and in National Phase in US, EU, CN, AU, IN, KR, and more.  Interested parties should contact Intelli-Products via LinkedIn or the e-mail listed below.  For a more detailed look at the PV RoboticsTM innovation, see this set of 3 graphics -- more parts of this development effort will be made public as we go forward.

BIG NEWS: The DOE has awarded our PV Robotics and Solar Leaves project an SBIR Phase I Grant. We will have news about our Phase I progress with this project in May 2019 -- so far, all is great!!

Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing -- Small Business Vouchers Pilot Winner!

Our co-owned firm Geothermal Design Center brings Leadership and Innovation to the Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP/GSHP) industry.  We won a Small Business Vouchers Pilot grant to have Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) validate our breakthrough Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing (A-TCT) method.  The effort has been a 100% SUCCESS based on core engineering work provided by Intelli-Products Inc.!!  ORNL confirmed our new way to perform ground Thermal Conductivity Testing works faster and better than existing methods. Further, our innovations can be used to confirm proper ground loop pipe and grout installation -- a completely new capability for the GHP industry.  Our new A-TCT method further lowers the cost of Thermal Conductivity Testing by eliminating the need for an expensive generator -- stable power is no longer required!  This is an exciting development for the geothermal industry that will significantly improve the quality of Thermal Testing and lower its cost for all GHP sites -- Institutional, Commercial, and Residential.  This is just one of our several GHP Product Development efforts based on Intelli-Products' engineering work.

You can read the official ORNL Report on our Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing system here.


We also proudly introduce the Geo-AssuredTM Integrated Geothermal Quality Assurance System.  Geo-Assured is a suite of tools for use by engineers, building owners, and contractors specifically created to qualify a geothermal system design and to convert the design into a detailed construction and verification plan.  This product was developed for our companion firm Geothermal Design Center.

Standards Compliance Testing

The new Bi-National ANSI/CSA C448-16 Geothermal Design and Installation Standard is a major development in the GHP field.  The C448 Standard covers all aspects of every type of GHP system design and installation.  We sit on the Technical Committee for this important standard and understand it thoroughly.  In our opinion, every GHP installation should be specified to meet C448-16 -- that would eliminate many of the problems that occur with inexperienced/under-experienced engineers and contractors in the GHP field. 

We offer our 3rd party C448 Compliance Assurance and Certification and Consulting services to building owners, financiers, and bonding firms to assure only high quality GHP systems work.  Utilizing our Geo-AssuredTM Integrated Geothermal Quality Assurance system, we can remotely provide full compliance certification with complete documentation at a reasonable cost. 

Net Zero Foundation

We are especially proud of our energy industry leading work at Net Zero Foundation (NZF), a 501c3 non-profit.  NZF is showing how, with the use of GHP plus PV and other Clean Energy sources, we can now eliminate over 50% of our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions almost "effectively free".  Please check out the Net Zero Foundation website for more information about this Leading and groundbreaking work.  NZF won "Judges' Choice" for our Major Proposal at MIT for 100% elimination of GHG from their campus, showing how any campus or cluster of buildings can be converted off of fossil fuels rapidly and economically.

Contact Us

You can contact us via e-mail to (with the "@" symbol).  We proudly bring our experience and our association with Renewable Energy industry leaders from all over North America to serve the world. 

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