PV Robotics

Advanced Technology for #RealClimateAction

We stand at the beginning of the #AgeOfFreeEnergy when we get all our power from our renewables. PV Robotics™ is our solar PV innovation to help Solve Climate Change. We are fully automating PV array installation to both reduce cost and massively accelerate PV deployment.

PV Robotics Technology

Intelli-Products new PV Robotics™ and Solar Leaves™ solar PV automated installation and shade-embracing PV system architecture will revolutionize the Solar PV industry and accelerate PV growth for decades. PV Robotics™ is a market disruptive fully automated rapid PV installation system that assembles and installs complete PV arrays from component parts in their shipping containers or on flatbed trucks. This innovation will maximize PV installation labor productivity and vastly accelerate the large array installation rate to the scale necessary for us to save our planet from damaging Climate Change. Included is fully automated pole placement, plus array section delivery and final installation. PV Robotics™ will advance PV installation to a fine art for maximum speed, minimal cost, and maximum quality. Our Solar Leaves™ breakthrough brings the promise of up to 50% PV system output increase in densely packed arrays such as on roofs for the next generation of Net Zero Energy Buildings. This is a combined large new product development effort to drive accelerating global PV deployment, and will make the global coalition targeted goal of 1TW of PV by 2030 possible.

The DOE has awarded our PV Robotics™ and Solar Leaves™ project an SBIR Phase I Grant. We will have news about our Phase I progress with this project in May 2019 — so far, all is great!! There will be a crowdfunding “angel investor return” opportunity coming soon.

These innovations are int’l pat. pend. (PCT/US17/23109), now passed PCT with all but 2 small claims accepted and in National Phase in US, EU, CN, AU, IN, KR, and more. Interested parties should contact Intelli-Products via our contact form listed in the contacts section below at the bottom of this page. For a more detailed look at the PV Robotics™ innovation, click on the link below to view the PDF document with a set of graphics. More parts of this development effort will be made public as we go forward.

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