PV Robotics

Innovation for #RealClimateAction
PV Robotics™ for PV At The Pace To #SolveClimateChange!
A Quick Overview in 2 graphics of our PV Robotics #RealClimateAction Innovation and the Energy Market Revolution now underway:
Recent Grant Application Graphic for a Quick Project Overview
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Current Combined Market Analysis showing the Incredible Rapid Change Inflection Point! (Multiple Sources)
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A More In-Depth Look at PV Robotics and the Clean Energy Market

PV Robotics Technology

Our PV Robotics™ Automated Solar PV Installation System is #RealClimateAction, revolutionizing the Solar PV industry to Accelerate Clean Energy Growth enough to #SolveClimate. It is a deployable Teamed Man-Machine System for extremely rapid PV Assembly and Installation that builds complete PV Arrays directly from component parts from their shipping containers or flatbed trucks.

PV Robotics will Vastly Accelerate large PV Array, Floating PV, and large carport PV installation rates to the scale necessary to Save Our Planet from damaging Climate Change. Included is fully automated Pole Placement, Automated Material Movement and Processing, Array Section delivery, and final Array Section Installation.

This market disruptive innovation advances PV Installation to a fine art for Maximum Speed, Minimal Cost, and Maximum Quality. All while also creating a new class of High-Wage Highly-Capable PV Jobs — not the current low wage installer jobs that are temporary. Real Jobs with a Real Income. Our Country needs High Wage Real Middle Class jobs — NOT more low-wage temporary work!

The DOE awarded our PV Robotics project a Grant to create the Automated Assembly portion of the system. Development is continuing now on the Automated Installation elements. A great team at UNCA is well underway on the Installation System’s Autonomous Vehicle and Material Handling capabilities, and we will begin Beta Test Site installations soon.

We will continue to post about our ongoing progress, and we will shortly initiate a crowdfunding “angel investor return” opportunity for those who want to help drive #RealClimateAction.

These innovations are int’l pat. pend., now passed PCT with all major claims accepted, and in National Phase in US, EU, CN, AU, IN, KR, and more. Interested parties should Contact us. More aspects of this development effort will be made public as we go forward.

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How Fast Can Real Change Occur?

For those who question how fast Solar PV will grow, consider these two pictures showing a NYC Parade just a few years before and after Henry Ford introduced the "Automobile Assembly Line" in 1908. His innovation was the man-machine "automation" of that time with all previous automobile assembly being completely manual, one vehicle at a time. PV Robotics is exactly the same kind of innovation but for our time ... a Field Deployable Automated Man-Machine PV Array Assembly and Installation System!

Note the circled single Automobile seen in the 1900 photo -- before Ford's introduction of the Assembly Line in 1908. By 1913, only 5 years after introduction of the Ford Model T, the photo on right shows the rapid change --> just 1 horse and buggy!

As shown above in the Combined Market Analysis graphic, technology and basic Micro Economic factors are fully aligned to drive a Very Rapid Shift to Clean Energy and specifically PV + Batteries. The same is happening in the #EV market with EV's already showing a lower Life Cycle Cost than internal combustion transportation.

Real Change can and will come very fast in the RE/PV/EV fields, and we are proud to be a part of that Change for Good.

View an early release video explaining the Climate Need, Market, and PV Robotics System