Product Engineering


The Intelli-Products Inc. team has been developing products since 1983.  We have created, developed, and expanded products ranging from Renewable Energy (RE) breakthroughs and bioelectrical medical devices, to distributed multi-platform integrated systems including numerous microcontroller-based sensor and electro-mechanical devices.  Founded by graduates of MIT and Purdue, we have a 30+ year track record of successful product and system development, multiple global product deployments, UL/CSA/ANSI/EN/ISO/FCC product certification, concept analysis, patent development, and reverse engineering.  We always keep a keen eye on patentable breakthroughs — the only reliable way to get products into rapidly growing markets.

Our current product focus is once again in the RE market including innovations in PV, GHP, and Thermal Storage.  Our initial product innovation as a team in 1983-4 was also in the RE market!

MIT Energy Nights Presentation

Check out our MIT Energy Nights presentation on several of our current Renewable Energy efforts: (the Description at YouTube.com has an index into the 4 parts of this presentation)

PV Robotics Innovation

We are excited to be bringing this Industry Disruptive PV Robotics innovation to market!  We created this explicitly as a #RealClimateAction driver to enable deployment of Solar PV Electric Power Generation at the extremely fast pace and low cost essential to #SolvingClimate.  It is our 7th innovation in the #RenewableEnergy market, and will be a significant part of the #ClimateAction movement and a successful product.

PV Robotics Material Crawler Under Development Now

As you can see, we are dedicated to helping bring Leadership and News about rapid Climate Action to bear through any way we can.  We formed Net Zero Foundation in 2015 to spread the news of the coming #AgeOfFreeEnergy — when equipment like PV produces all our energy instead of mining and drilling, and costs a whole lot less!

However, we are fundamentally Innovation Engineers and also understand the importance and responsibility of bringing Renewable Energy innovations to market.  As the PV Robotics product was created for the significant “Cause” of Climate Action, we are also dedicating a significant portion of any available profits from that innovation to Cause.  Specifically, we dedicate 50% of any available profits from this innovation to Climate Action, Peace, and Education.  Investors will be very well paid just as they would expect from any new venture, but profits will always be shared with these Causes to help move the world forward in a positive way.

For those interested in a future high yield Investor rounds, Contact Us or check back.  Also, please Like @PVRobotix on Facebook to help get the word out!

Future Efforts

We have several more products in various stages of development, with some waiting for the right investor(s) to get involved.  These products range from Renewable Energy to Construction and More.  If you are that right investor looking to back patent-based leading edge products, get in touch.

Other Links

PE Exam Help — Here’s a link to the very extensive PE CE Exam Wiki Book Study Guide (reformed into Wiki Computer Engineering Compendium) we created to help others — there are no other comprehensive study guides for this field that we know of.