Product Engineering

The Intelli-Products Inc. team has been developing products since 1983. We have created, developed, and expanded products ranging from Renewable Energy breakthroughs and bioelectrical medical devices, to distributed multi-platform integrated systems including numerous microcontroller-based sensor and electro-mechanical devices. Founded by graduates of MIT and Purdue, we have a 30+ year track record of successful product and system development, global product deployment, UL/CSA/ANSI/EN/ISO/FCC product certification, concept analysis, patent development, and reverse engineering. Our current product focus is mainly on RE/PV/GHP/Thermal, with a keen eye on breakthroughs.

PE Exam Help — Here’s a link to the very extensive PE CE Exam Wiki Book Study Guide we created to help others — there are no other comprehensive study guides for this field that we know of. Let us know if you fine one!