The Intelli-Products Team has been designing and installing Advanced Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) Heating and Cooling Systems for almost 15 years under their companion firms Geothermal Design Center Inc. (licensed Licensed Professional Engineering firm) and Asheville Geothermal Inc. (licensed HVAC firm). With a Renewable Energy focused PE and Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD) on staff, we help with all scales of systems from large Net Zero Energy Developments to individual homes. Below are a few of the Product Innovation oriented efforts in the Geothermal field that have involved Intelli-Products’ engineering.
Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing

Our co-owned firm Geothermal Design Center brings Leadership and Innovation to the Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) industry. We won a Small Business Vouchers Pilot grant to have Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) validate our breakthrough Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing (A-TCT) method. The effort has been a 100% SUCCESS based on core engineering work provided by Intelli-Products Inc.!! ORNL confirmed our new way to perform ground Thermal Conductivity Testing works faster and better than existing methods. Further, our innovations can be used to confirm proper ground loop pipe and grout installation — a completely new capability for the GHP industry. Our new A-TCT method further lowers the cost of Thermal Conductivity Testing by eliminating the need for an expensive generator — stable power is no longer required! This is an exciting development for the geothermal industry that will significantly improve the quality of Thermal Testing and lower its cost for all GHP sites — Institutional, Commercial, and Residential. This is just one of our several GHP Product Development efforts based on Intelli-Products’ engineering work.

You can read the official ORNL Report on our Advanced Thermal Conductivity Testing system here.


We also proudly introduce the Geo-Assured™ Integrated Geothermal Quality Assurance System. Geo-Assured is a suite of tools for use by engineers, building owners, and contractors specifically created to qualify a geothermal system design and to convert the design into a detailed construction and verification plan. This product was developed for our companion firm Geothermal Design Center.

Standards Compliance Testing

The new Bi-National ANSI/CSA C448-16 Geothermal Design and Installation Standard is a major development in the GHP field.  The C448 Standard covers all aspects of every type of GHP system design and installation.  We sit on the Technical Committee for this important standard and understand it thoroughly.  In our opinion, every GHP installation should be specified to meet C448-16 — that would eliminate many of the problems that occur with inexperienced/under-experienced engineers and contractors in the GHP field.


We offer our 3rd party C448 Compliance Assurance and Certification and Consulting services to building owners, financiers, and bonding firms to assure only high quality GHP systems work.  Utilizing our Geo-Assured™ Integrated Geothermal Quality Assurance system, we can remotely provide full compliance certification with complete documentation at a reasonable cost.