Industry Heat Pumps

Climate Tech Innovation for #RealClimateAction/#RapidClimateAction

Industry Heat Pumps

Climate Tech Innovation for #RealClimateAction

High Temperature Thermal Systems for

Effectively Free Industry Electrification

At The Pace To #SolveClimateChange

High Temperature Thermal Systems for

Effectively Free Industry Electrification

At The Pace To #SolveClimateChange

#IndustryHeatPumps to Accelerate Clean Energy Revolution

Industry Heat Pumps Introductory Video

Brief overview of Modular Encapsulated Heat Pumps and the Clean Energy Revolution!

A Quick Project Overview

Reducing Process Energy Costs 80-89% by “Energy Recycling”

Carbon Free Electrification

Current U.S. Energy Consumption

U.S. Energy With Essential 80% GHG Reduction

Understanding the Fossil Elimination Problem Scope

EN-ROADS Simulation showing how Accelerating #Electrification and #CleanEnergy helps to #SolveClimateChange — a 1.9ºC solution all by itself!
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A More In-Depth Look at our Industry Heat Pump Technology

Encapsulated Modular

heat Pumps

A key issue for Green House Gas (GHG) Elimination is how to stop burning fossil fuels for industrial heat processes.  Almost all industrial high temperature thermal needs are now served by an endless stream of fossil fuel consumption.  This fossil fuel use not only causes endless Climate Damage by adding GHG emissions, but also requires an endless drain of wealth from our local communities to the global fossil energy business. 

Energy Recycling

Our new High Temperature Industry Heat Pumps are #ClimateTech to fully Electrify Industry Process Heat replacing the endless GHG emissions by introducing “Energy Recycling”.  Energy Recycling involves efficiently capturing much or all of the energy leaving the industry process and re-injecting that energy as new Heat.  The goal is to capture and re-inject as much heat as possible to vastly reduce the need for source energy and its expense. 

Energy Recycling Example

The Enabling Technology:

Modular Encapsulated High Temperature Heat Pumps

We bring a breakthrough approach of Fully Encapsulating the Heat Pump elements to assure there are no refrigerant leaks of any kind.  This is an essential step for indoor use of High Temperature Heat Pumps.  The new Encapsulated Heat Pump Modules will support full elimination of fossil for industry thermal through 230°C/450°F near term and 590°C/1100°F soon.  We achieve this level of thermal function via an innovative “systems engineering” approach to Heat Pumps.  The chemical industry has long used heat pumps at high temperatures needed for industry, but their approach is not safe for any indoor application and thus is only applied to chemical or petroleum plants.  By “Encapsulating” the heat pump modules and other secondary fail-safe steps, we introduce a new concept of “zero refrigerant leakage”.  This is a significant breakthrough as current refrigerant systems are assumed to leak 100% of their refrigerant … and they often do.  Our “Encapsulation” redesign enables use of previously considered unsafe refrigerants — we make them safe by never allowing their leakage.  It is the same as the propane bottle on your Barbecue Grill on the back porch which is safe because it is “encapsulated” in a steel bottle.  We bring this same level of encapsulation and safety to all refrigerant systems.

Summary Statistics

Metric Current State of the Art Our Innovation
Refrigerant Leakage 100% Expected 0% by Design
Max Temp – Phase I 71°C/160°F 230°C/450°F
Max Temp – Phase II 71°C/160°F 600°C/1100°F
COP Industrial Drying Not Fully Viable 3.0-6.0
COP Lab Ventilation 1.5-3.0 6.0-9.0
Grid Thermal Battery N/A <$0.01/kWh
Modularity Benefit N/A COP +1.5


Depot Service

Modular Heat Pumps bring a significant level of inherent reliability since failure or weakness of any one module will have a limited effect on the overall system.  This Modularity also enables “Hot Swapping” with on-site ready spares to virtually eliminate any down time.  Since our modules are Encapsulated for safety, we will employ “Depot Service” for any module needing repair eliminating most staff training and skill required for their safe and effective functioning.  The site-ready spare modules and Depot Service will allow very rapid adoption of this novel technology with no need for any complex staff training.

Fully Scalable Solutions

As a Modular Solution, our Encapsulated Heat Pumps can be added together to reach any capacity or temperature range desired.  The modules will come in both fluid-connected and air-connected versions to match most industrial thermal processes.  Fluid connections allow for the maximum application flexibility since even air coils can be used and remoted as needed.  The air-connected versions are for Industrial Drying and Cooking applications.

Patent Pending

These innovations are International Patent Pending. … check out the stellar Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority summarized on pg 4 here!  Two further International Search Reports by the European and Singapore Patent Offices have confirmed that we have very significant innovations presented in this patent effort.  Interested parties should Contact us.

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We proudly Document the now Rapidly Expanding Energy Revolution to #EndFossil via our Net Zero Foundation non-profit Twitter Feed. You can depend on this feed to document the key Technical, Economic, and Policy aspects of #RealClimateAction!

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How Fast Can Real Change Occur?

For those who question how fast #RealClimateAction will grow, consider these two pictures showing a NYC Parade just a few years before and after Henry Ford introduced the "Automobile Assembly Line" in 1908. His innovation was the man-machine "automation" of that time with all previous automobile assembly being completely manual, one vehicle at a time. Our Industry Heat Pumps are exactly the same kind of innovation but for our time ... Modular Encapsulated Heat Pumps can very rapidly eliminate all industrial Process Energy GHG emissions!

Note the circled single Automobile seen in the 1900 photo -- before Ford's introduction of the Assembly Line in 1908. By 1913, only 5 years after introduction of the Ford Model T, the photo on right shows the rapid change --> just 1 horse and buggy!

Real Change can and will come very fast in the Electrification fields, and we are proud to be a part of that Change for Good.