Net Zero Foundation — Leading to the Age of Free Energy

We are especially proud of our energy industry leading work at Net Zero Foundation (NZF), a 501c3 non-profit. NZF is showing how, with the use of PV + GHP and other Clean Energy sources, we can now eliminate over 50% of our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions “Effectively Free” over the next 20 years. NZF won “Judges’ Choice” for our Major Proposal at MIT for 100% elimination of GHG from their campus, showing how any campus or cluster of buildings can be converted off of fossil fuels Rapidly and Economically.

The State of our Energy Systems in Two Simple Graphics

Right now, we are at the end of the Information Age, and we have reached the peak of the very damaging Outflow of Wealth to the Fossil Industry to Power our Economy.
We are now transitioning to a New Age when we get All Our Energy from the Sun, and the Loss of Wealth will end! It is an Age of Free Energy because the PV/Wind “Equipment” capturing Energy-from-the-Sun breaks even and then produces Free Energy for decades!


This is the Twitter feed for the Net Zero Foundation to showcase the latest news in clean energy technology development. All the technologies needed to convert 100% of our buildings, most vehicles, and much of industry to Net Zero Carbon is possible NOW.